The Volcanic Wheel: Functional, Appealing, and Innovative

In 1999, the Volcanic Wheel began been lighting up the lives of people all over the world. Since then, they have built an iconic brand that many have tried to imitate, though the quality and technology of the original can never be matched. Over time, the Volcanic Wheel team has worked to innovate and improve its products, in order to offer the most updated technological advancements. Today, the Volcanic Wheel brand offers a wide range of self-lighted wheels that now feature 8 LED lights with 5 color combinations. The lighting mechanism lasts as long as the wheels, and never require batteries or charging. When in use, the light beam can be activated even at slow speeds, displaying the colors from all angles without any color-bending. Additionally, the Volcanic Wheel is available to use for a variety of applications for both indoor and outdoor settings. They can be installed onto strollers, traveling luggage, and other light-use items. The brand also offers wheels that are equally suitable for use at high speed and impact on skateboards, wheelchairs, scooters, and more. This brand represents the perfect balance between function and visual appeal, through its high quality, durable materials that perform beautifully. Their products are known to bring joy to people of all ages. As soon as someone enters the room with Volcanic Wheels, they “light up” the mood instantly and are a great conversation starter. The Volcanic Wheel, is sure to fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your items. Find the perfect fit for your wheelchair on our website! We offer a range of Volcanic Wheel caster wheels in varying sizes! ***Note: Volcanic Wheels are not compatible with Ti-Lite wheelchairs with single sided Fork as they need to have 3/8" bearings and Volcanic wheels come with 5/16" bearings. 
9th Jun 2022 DPadilla

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